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College and university food service

School is a place where a large amount of food is in demand all the time. But students don’t have the time to wait on long queues. J Cyrus Inc provides quick and easy access to quality snacks and beverages for their much-needed energy boost in between classes, and keep them focused on their lessons.



Micro-markets are the game changers in the vending and office coffee service industry.

J Cyrus, Inc’s The Market, located in the University of Toledo, is our first self-checkout micro-market which showcases a wide variety of beverages, snacks, food, and more available to your employees all day, every day.

The Market features a technologically advanced self-checkout kiosk, which enables employees to make a healthier refreshment choice anytime of the day or night. Employees and guests shop, scan their items, and pay using secure cashless checkout.

It’s workplace refreshment at its finest.

Inmate services

J Cyrus, Inc provides secured inmate vending machines, inmate commissary onsite or bagging and delivery service that help support the well-being and welfare of the inmates.


Business consultancy

By maintaining focus on key food service standards, J Cyrus Inc. delivers a wide range of technical and analytical and creative skills for different business projects. Our management team guides, informs and advises on all strategic operational & financial issues to build the business case and inform the development process.